Biff’s Bunch™ – April 2017


April 22 – 29, 2017

Biff’s Bunch™ is a group that meet at Hedonism II the last week of April each year. It was formed in 1991 in an effort to get all of our friends from Hedonism II back together each year. It has worked well and has allowed us to get great group rates and the resort provides extra amenities for our group.

OUR PLACE: The nude beach at Heonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Our Raison d’etre: To renew our friendships from previous years.

Our Method: Relaxing and socializing on the nude beach.

Our time: Last week of April annually.

Our Mantra: Excess in Moderation!


Last year’s group brought 90+ members and friends gathering together for an outstanding week of naked partying at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. As The Bunch has grown in numbers over the past years, so has our opportunity to meet many new friends and form lasting friendships.  In our 2014 survey 100% of the guests who responded to the survey say that not only woud they travel again with the group but that they would gladly refer a friend.  Come join us and find out why everyone who is a part of Biff’s Bunch always leaves Hedonism II satisfied.

“Great trip! This is the first time we have gone with Tom’s Trips, and was our easiest check in ever, and there were no problems whatsoever, unlike with others we used in the past. You had a great DJ, and the play room was wonderful. I was very impressed with that, and that is something that was sorely missing from Hedo.” – Satisfied Biff’s Bunch Member

Tom’s Trips is the official travel agency for Biff’s Bunch however Tom’s Trips is not responsible for membership into the group.  While the prices below are open to anyone, only registered member of Biff’s Bunch will be invited to the private parties and events.  To learn more about becoming a member CLICK HERE.

When you book this trips with Tom’s Trips you will receive the following benefits:

  • Tom’s Trips renowned Express Check-In gets you in your room the fastest
  • Group Play Room
  • Special Tom’s Trips Hosted Parties
  • Personalized Necklaces
  • Check In Gift
  • On Site Agent from Tom’s Trips
  • Nightly Events
  • Daily Pool Parties
  • Group Catamaran Cruise
  • This Trip Features the Tom’s Trips Entertainment Advantage


Select a Category below for any travel dates between 4/22/17 and 4/29/17

If your dates fall outside of the dates listed please complete the THIS FORM to request your reservation. When you make your reservation you will be charged a deposit and you will receive an invoice via e-mail confirming your reservation with final payment details.  Final payments for this group are due January 15, 2017.  For categories that are Not Listed or Sold Out please contact us via e-mail or phone at 800-285-0853 to check on availability Single’s seeking their own room will have a 50% premium, single share rooms are NOT available.

Deposits are $500 per Couple or $250 per Single

Deposit: $35.00
Hedonism II Airport Transfers - $50 Per Person
Deposit: $50.00

Price Guarantee – The prices quoted above are the prices in effect at the time of our contract with the resort for this time period. Should the resort lower their published rates at any time, Tom’s Trips will automatically reduce your rate and issue a refund to you for the difference if your trip has already been paid in full.

Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance is available through this link or by contacting you booking agent.