Installment Payments for BeachBind 2020

Please enter the amount of your deposit or installment payment for BeachBind



Please enter the amount of your deposit or installment payment for BeachBind

Cancellation Policy:  All deposits and payments are non-refundable.  We recommend that you consider optional trip cancellation insurance – Purchase Travel Insurance Here

Terms of Service: By submitting this payment, I/we represent that I, and each person on this form has read and agree the terms and event rules and cancellation policy located here, and agree to the release and waiver, and further that: I/We understand that rope bondage and the other activities that occur at BeachBind are dangerous and could cause permanent injuries or death, and that I/we will not hold BeachBind, RopeLab, LLC, Hedonism II, Tom’s Trips, or any of their owners, managers, representatives, employees, volunteers, presenters, or any event organizers or staff liable or responsible for any injuries incurred at the resort or during the event or any event activities; that I/we understand that there cannot be any refunds after the refund date as posted in the event terms as pursuant to the hotel policy and that deposits are non-refundable, and the event terms and that the event schedule, workshops, and presenters are subject to change; and that neither or any of us have ever been declared by a court to be a sex offender or convicted of a sex crime or banned from any other fetish or kink group, and I consent to a background check to confirm this.