Couples Cruises


Tom’s Trips is proud to say that together with our friends from Couples Cruise we have put together more Couples cruises than any other company and we offer the best customer service available. If you like to cruise and want to cruise with other open minded couples, then our cruises are for you.

Tom’s Trips has partnered with the best Cruise Promoters to deliver only the best in clothing optional adults only cruise experiences. These cruises are all run by industry leaders who know how to put on events. You will not be disappointed when you set sail on one of these erotic voyages.

We offer everything from a Galapagos Cruise for 44 couples to a clothing optional, full ship charter with private play areas. Our cruises have taken our couples from Alaska, to the Caribbean, from the Mediterranean to the Mexican Riviera.

Our smaller groups offer unique adventures and ports (like the upcoming Southern Caribbean Cruise and our Galapagos Adventure) while maintaining privacy and discretion. While not a full ship charter, they offer plenty of couples (up to 250 couples!) to meet at our private parties on board and our clothing optional excursions in port. We have nightly Meet & Greets and a section of the dining room with flexible seating so you can sit with different couples on different nights.

Our full ship charter offers the ultimate in a luxury lifestyle vacation. Because we have the entire ship, you won’t see any kids and the entire pool deck will be clothing optional. There will be Theme Dances, sexy shows, special seminars and private play areas where you can live out your fantasies while floating around the warm Caribbean waters. It doesn’t get any better than this!

2016 Cruises

Danube Delights River Cruise

2017 Cruises

Norwegian Pearl

Why Book with us?

There are a lot of people trying to put on “Couples Cruises” so you need to know who you can trust. Some organizers bite off more than they can chew only to have their cruise canceled at the last minute, leaving you standing at the dock.


img_bob_tessWe have booked more Couples Cruises than any other company. Our team are cruise experts with over 100 cruises between us. Besides our cruises, we have produced more consecutive hotel takeover, lifestyle conventions (over 20!), than anyone else. We’re not a new or 1st time company, we have 12 years of experience providing the best lifestyle experiences.  Bob and Tess who organize these fantastic events are the best in this business at creating a classy yet erotic environment.

Book with Confidence: Price Guarantee

When you book early with us, we’ll guarantee you the best rate possible, right up to our sailing date. If we offer any discounts or sales, you will automatically be included and will get a credit towards your balance or a refund, for the difference, if you are paid in full. Other customers that booked other cruises early, ended up paying as much as 70% more than those that booked at the last minute. We don’t punish those that reserve early, we reward you with the best cabins and our price guarantee.

Price Guarantee Fine Print: This guarantee pertains to the price per cabin and the one time additional charge that covers Port Charges, Taxes, Document Fees, Gratuities, Administration Security Fees. If either, or both of these prices are reduced, we will match the lower price for any customer by reducing the balance to reflect the reduction in price. If the cabin is paid in full, a refund for the difference will be made to the customer before the ship sails.

We are only responsible for our own pricing and cannot be responsible for any resellers pricing. Added value (such as free transfers, amenities, invitations to private parties, offers for additional on board credits, convention packages, and any other offers that do not include a reduction in the price of the cabin (per person) or the additional fee (Port Charges, Taxes, Document Fees, Gratuities, Administration Security Fees) does not count as a price reduction.

You Can Pick Your Own CabinRCI_Freedom_RailingCouple_2

That’s right, you can pick your own cabin today! Most companies won’t tell you what your cabin number is until right before you sail, we let you pick your cabin now so you will know exactly where you will be, right from the start. Just click on our links to our deck plans and click on the cabin you want. It’s that simple! After you pick your cabin, your choice will turn red indicating that your cabin has already been reserved.

Cruise with Class

If you are looking for an out of control, floating orgy, then our cruise is not for you. Our cruises are for open minded couples that want to explore and expand their own sexuality but have enough respect to do so behind closed doors and in private party areas. There is a time and a place for everything and we believe in putting on the sexiest, most sensual cruises and events, but all sexual activity must be kept to the designated areas.

Not only do we put on classy cruises and events, but we choose the best ships possible for our cruises. Some people say “It doesn’t matter which ship we sail on as long as there are great couples on board”. Sure, but what if there were great couples on board AND it was a great ship? We are proud to offer Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise ships for all of our cruises. These products are a step above what others offer and the difference is noticeable. If you are looking for the classiest cruise, then you’ve got to join us on our next excursion.

RCI_PuertoRico_WomenSnorkelLifestyle Events by Lifestyle Couples

It takes one to know one. We understand what our customers want, because our company is made up of lifestyle couples, just like you. We don’t book gay cruises, vanilla events or corporate conventions. We only produce couples only, lifestyle events. We don’t know why people outside of this lifestyle would put on a lifestyle event, but we are not only cruise/event promoters, we are also lifestyle advocates that have worked hard to expand tolerance and acceptance for our lifestyle. Supporting our cruise is a way to support this lifestyle.