Welcome to the Tom’s Trips Community

We are happy that you have decided to take a look inside our community of likeminded, open hearted friends.  This page has links to the various host couples and other staff who turn our trips into adventures.  These host couples, MC’s, and Entertainers have years of experience guiding group trips to erotic destinations.

We are also want to give you a taste for what happens on some of these trips and instead of typing several thousand words we have developed a photo gallery to give you a glimpse into what is happening during these events.

We also would like to recomend to you some really great swinger’s conventions.  These are a great opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle, meet some new people, and enjoy some well needed naughty time.

Of course you can find us on the following social media outlets:  Facebook@TomsTripsYouTube

If you would like to send us pictures to post on this site we would be happy to put them up so long as they meet a couple criteria:  No Nudity (sorry), Only send a few for each group (somebody has to actually post these you know).

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