Parties Near You

Where can you join in on all the fun with the Tom’s Trips staff?  Below is our up to date current list of events that you can join our amazing staff and participate to win some great prizes from Tom’s Trips Yeti Mugs, Free trips and even get entered into some of our drawings for week long events at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica!

Mark Maze

Mark is a master of sleight-of-hand entertainment. He has been delighting and amazing audiences with his comedy, magic, and singing talents for nearly 25 years. He has been featured on television, radio and was Voted LIFESTYLE ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR. Most recently Mark appeared on Playboys’, “69 things to do before you die.” His hilarious, audience interactive show, is very funny without vulgarity, and enjoyed by both men and women. Over the years, Mark has become known for his high level of technical skill infused with crackling energy and an unbelievable talent for making people laugh. He has performed at lifestyle events for many years and considers it his specialty. “I never promise more than I can deliver, and I always deliver more than I promised. My greatest joy is performing the Magic I love so much and bringing people laughter”!


Tom and Bunny

Tom and Bunny come to Tom’s Trips with a background in the adult lifestyle. As previous managers of one of the most awarded California lifestyle club for the past 19 years and travelling with Tom’s Trips for the past 6 years, these two know what hospitality is all about. along with being Tom’s Trips newest Travel Consultants, Tom and Bunny will be traveling the nation in our very own grass roots campaign to bring brand awareness to other clubs, conventions, cruises and anything lifestyle related. 

Tom and Bunny will also be taking control of our Social Media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and building our brand on where you can find them under their profile TomandBunny

Tom and Bunny have also been active in producing YouTube videos (Click here to watch their Videos) with the focus of their videos on the Swinging Lifestyle and working with Tom’s Trips we encourage them to continue their videos as educational for new and existing couples and singles in the swinging lifestyle.  

Mike and Denise

We are Mike and Denise. We are a long time happily married couple who have enjoyed the lifestyle for 20 plus years. We have made hundreds of cherished friendships around the country and abroad and enjoy the special freedoms, friendships and relationships we have formed over the years. We have attended many clubs and conventions including Naughty in Nawlins (8 times) where Denise was the first winner of the Ms. No Swimsuit Contest for that NIN convention in July of 2011. She went on to compete in the Ms. No Swimsuit at Hedo II this past March 2012 where we met some outstanding couples and competitors from various clubs around the U.S. It turned out to be an amazing 8 days that followed filled with lifestyle fun, bonding of long term friendships and a very entertaining week of competition. It’s a great event to attend so why not come back in March?!

We live close enough to Atlanta that we attend the world famous Trapeze Club a couple of times a month. You are here, you’re in Jamaica and you’re at Hedo! So….relax, have tons of fun, and we look forward to getting to know you!!!

We are honored and anxious to help you enjoy your stay at Hedo II. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy a great week of fun!!

Mike and Denise will be giving away prizes each Saturday night including $500 off vouchers to Hedo II on an upcoming Tom’s Trips travel!  Click the link next to each date for a $10.00 discount to attend each event through our Event Bright and save!