Tom’s Trips ConneXXXions

Tom’s Trips has partnered up with,, the leader in the adult social media scene to bring you Tom’s Trips ConneXXXions.  This amazing social platform allows you to engage with others who will be traveling with Tom’s Trips as well as the entire Kasidie community.

Tom’s Trips ConneXXXions is for Swingers, uninhibited sexually adventurous couples, singles and groups, but mostly it is a highly interactive way for you to connect with others who are traveling with you.

Tom’s Trips ConneXXXions will provide you with:

  • Anonymous member profiles with selectable privacy options
  • Unlimited photo albums
  • Hundreds of swinger parties, events and resort takeovers
  • Forums, chat rooms and instant messaging
  • Private and secret communities catering to hundreds of interests (food, wine, sports, sexuality, erotica, etc.)
  • Swinger club listings, profiles and communities

The Best Part … You will get a FREE 6 month membership when you book a trip with Tom’s Trips

That’s right, Tom’s Trips has set it for you to get access to all of the content on through the Tom’s Trips ConneXXXions community for free if you have booked an upcoming trip through Tom’s Trips.  Not to worry though if you haven’t booked a trip with us you can still get a 30 day FREE trial membership through the link below. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Click on the link below and sign up for your account
  2. Email Tom’s Trips your User ID along with your Tom’s Trips Invoice Number
  3. We will contact Kasidie and have them extend your FREE membership for 6 months - Get your FREE account and become sexually social today!* Kasidie will provide a one time six month membership to booking guest of Tom’s Trips