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Tom’s Trips brings you the most exciting in Entertainment & Host couples to make your vacation Epic

We at Tom’s Trips are always striving to bring you quality entertainment and experience when you book your vacation with our company.   Below is a list of our Entertainment and many of our Host Couples with bio’s that you can read to better get a feel for what you will expect on your booked event with us.  We also list all the events each host couple will be attending so if you would like to travel with a specific host couple, please click the event link below their bio and book your trip with them!

Tom and Bunny – Travel Consultants & Promotions


Tom and Bunny come to Tom’s Trips with a background in the adult lifestyle. As previous managers of one of the most awarded California lifestyle club for the past 19 years and travelling with Tom’s Trips for the past 10 years, these two know what hospitality is all about. along with being Tom’s Trips newest Travel Consultants, Tom and Bunny will be traveling the nation in our very own grass roots campaign to bring brand awareness to other clubs, conventions, cruises and anything lifestyle related. Read entire Bio for Tom and Bunny – Click Here

Events Tom and Bunny will be hosting –Swingers DelightFUNderLUSTOld Fat Guys with Hot ChicksMs No Swim SuitHedo HotshotsKasidie KrushSunny BunsOctoberfestBiWeek



Mike and Denise- Host Couple

Hello! We are Mike & Denise. We have been a part of the hosting staff for Tom’s Trips since 2012. Denise won the Ms No Swimsuit in New Orleans and went on to participate in Jamaica that year. We met Scott & Michelle and other Tom’s Staff and have been excited  to be a part of the team ever since. We are 27 years in the Life Style and have made thousands of friends and contacts throughout the years. –Read Mike and Denise entire Bio – Click Here

Events Mike and Denise  will be hosting – Swingers Delight





Jennie and Paul

We are Jennie & Paul from southwest Ohio, and we are very excited to be one of the newest host couples for Tom’s Trips. We may be new to hosting but not new to the lifestyle, and anyone who knows Jennie knows she is always working the room and bringing the fun!

We have been traveling to Hedo II every year in September since 2011 for Jennie and 2014 for Paul (which was the year we were married on the beach at Hedo lI). Paul had one trip to Hedo III in 2010 before it was sold.

We have a fun weekly schedule of guest favorite events and games for all that want to join. We are always coming across new fun things to try “wink wink” and float those ideas to our private group chats for feedback. We try to include everyone and help them share in the excitement that Makes Hedo what it is! So come and join us on one of our crazy Seamore’s Misfits adventurers for a fun time! – Seamore’s Misfits


Ricky and Angela

We are Angela and Ricky from Nova Scotia, Canada (and no we do not say “eh” lol). We have been hosting groups for over 10 years at Hedonism II. We bring along with us a great party and sexy vibe and hope you enjoy your time with us. We go to local lifestyle events, but there is no party like a Hedo party! We love the atmosphere there and the people we have met on our trips have made for some lifelong friends. Can’t wait to party with you in the hot Jamaican sun! xoxo

Join us at L.U.S.H





Ron and Jenn – Host Couple

ron-jenn-1Hi there, Ron n’ Jenn here and we’ve been part of the lifestyle community for 15+ years and feel we have a good understanding of what’s it all about.  We sometimes think that we’ve seen it and done it all, but then were always finding that next new adventure and we are like WOW all over again and hope that others can share in that same experience.  – Read Ron and Jenn’s entire Bio – Click Here


Events Ron and Jenn will be hosting – Lifestyle Party Week


Scott and Kathy – Host Couple


We are Scott and Kathy from Nova Scotia Canada.  We have been traveling to lifestyle resorts, cruises, communities, and Hotel takeovers for over ten years.  We have been to Hedonism II and III, Desire Cancun and Los Cabos, Swinger Cruises, Caliente, The Rooftop, Sea Mountain Inn, Northhaven, and Splash Fest and we are looking to add to this list continually.  – Read Scott and Kathy’s entire Bio – Click Here


Events Scott and Kathy will be hosting –  Fantasy WeekThanksgiving


Amy and Craig

Amy, from York, PA and Craig, from Las Vegas, NV make up one of the newest and most dynamic host teams at Tom’s. Fun fact: Both Amy & Craig grew up in Buffalo, NY but didn’t meet until they were adults in this lifestyle! (Go Bills!!) Amy has been hosting groups at Hedonism II since 2014. She has also managed events and lifestyle gatherings in PA/MD since 2008 for the Swing Out Socials(SOS) social group. She brings fun ideas and a ‘framily’ feel to the groups she hosts, keeping everyone engaged and involved. Craig has been traveling to Hedonism II since 2016, hosting since 2021. The energy he brings to hosting is genuine, entertaining and upbeat. He has traveled extensively, including national lifestyle events like Splash, and naked locations like Cap d’Agde. At Hedo, You’ll catch him playing bocce and later on in the nude pool with his Water Wings. They look forward to meeting more amazing guests who turn into longtime friends, with each trip they host.

Events Amy and Craig will be hostingSOS EventsHalloween

Adam and Ginger


We are Adam and Ginger from Jacksonville, Fl. We have been exploring lifestyle activities since 2014 and have been so fortunate to make amazing friends along the way. Both of us enjoy bringing people together and making sure that everyone has a fantastic experience no matter what the event. We know that being a first timer at a place like Hedo can be filled with “not sure what to expect” moments, so we make it our mission to find those people who look lost or maybe just needing some great conversation and bring them into the mix. We are so excited to be hosting New Years Eve at Hedo for Tom’s Trips this year. It’s going to be an awesome time!

Events Adam and Ginger will be at: New Years Eve



Jen and Jerry

We met in the lifestyle at the club currently known as The Korral.  We were subsequently married on the beach at Hedo II in January of 2011.

Jen started promoting Hedo and Ms. Korral in 2012.  She started promoting Hedo exclusively for Tom’s Trips in 2019.  We are taking our 4th consecutive Ms. Korral  to the Ms. No Swimsuit contest in March of 2023.

Jen is also known as “Julie the Naughty Cruise Director”. She was given this name through her efforts promoting Hedo. You can often find Jen posting in Our Favorite Jamaican Vacation Place, Tom’s Trip’s Forum or on several pages for The Korral.

Jerry is a bit of a novice photographer.  He has done photography at numerous lifestyle events.

Events Jen and Jerry will be at: Ms No Swim Suit

Terry and Terry – Host Couple

Terry and Terry – A lot of you know us, and we’ve chatted with many more of you on the Tom’s Trips’ Hedo Yahoo site.  We have been escorting lifestyles-type trips for 20+ years and have taken groups to Jamaica; Kauai; Fiji; Solare/Eden Resort in Loreto; Ixtapa; Puerto Vallarta; Blue Bay Getaway in Cancun; Mykonos, Santorini and Athens in Greece; and Desire Resort in Cancun and Los Cabos. – Read entire Bio for Terry and Terry – Click Here





John and Bev

MomandJohnboatIf you have had to pleasure to travel with Toms Trips in the past or visited any of the Mid-west lifestyle clubs in the last 20 years, then you probably have met us. We hope to bring to Hedo our own brand of ADULT LIFESTYLE FUN that we have helped to provide to countless couples all summer at “Band Camp” in the Irish Hills of Michigan. – Read John and Bev’s entire Bio – Click Here







Mark Maze


Mark Maze has been Entertaining the Tom’s Trips guest for over 12 years and has been an icon at the Ms No Swimsuit contest and will be back to host the 2023 Ms No Swimsuit at Hedonism in Jamaic!

Ms No Swimsuit



DJ Rockin Ronnie


DJ Rockin Ronnie is an icon performing at lifestyle events, resorts and cruises all around the world.   Come to any of the events listed below and prepare for Tom’s Trips with Rockin Ronnie to show you a good time!

Lifestyle Party Week, Swingers DelightMs No Swimsuit, Bi Week


DJ DILF & Beth


Hello, we are Beth & Kyle (aka “DJ DILF”). We’re excited to be a part of the host/entertainment team with Tom’s Trips. We have been involved in lifestyle events since 2016 everywhere from the Northeastern US (PA, MD, NJ, NC, SC, etc) to H2 in Jamaica and we strive to inject our own love of dance and music into the vibe of any and every event that we attend. We look forward to helping YOU have as much fun as we do in this lifestyle!



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