Ron and Jenn

Events Ron and Jenn will be hosting – Lifestyle Party Week

Hi there, Ron n’ Jenn here and we’ve been part of the lifestyle community for 15+ years and feel we have a good understanding of what’s it all about.  We sometimes think that we’ve seen it and done it all, but then were always finding that next new adventure and we are like WOW all over again and hope that others can share in that same experience.  We think this helps us know what fellow lifestylers like us want, especially in a vacation, which is why we have been fortunate to travel and be a Host Couple for Tom’s Trips for the past 10+ years.

We’ve made a lot of great friends along the way and love making new ones – not to mention all the hot fun and adventures we have experienced – and we hope to continue for many years to come. We’ve been vacationing to HEDOnism II in January every year since 1997 and have no plans in sight to ever stop the fun!   We’ve also traveled/hosted trips at Desire, partied at conventions in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Florida, traveled abroad to other lifestyle venues, and are always keeping the parties going back home in Long Island, New York.

But without a doubt, HEDOnism II is by far our home away from home. We think the key to an eXXXciting vacation, especially for the ones returning to HEDO year after year, is to keep the vibe fresh with new and fun themes and activities, also adding in the new ownership and renovations and HEDOnism II is more on top of its game than ever before!  We have worked hard as a Host Couple over the years by listening to what people want and doing our best to make it a reality. We are there to help the repeaters, as well as help the shy ones; newbees, etc. get involved and meet other lifestylers. You can count on us being butt naked and partying alongside you every step of the way.

So be ready to let loose, relax, unwind, and have lots of fun! We hope to have the opportunity to vacation with you as your Host Couple – old friends and new -and look forward to meeting you!