Scott and Kathy

Events Scott and Kathy will be hosting – Fantasy WeekThanksgiving

We are Scott and Kathy from Nova Scotia Canada.  We have been traveling to lifestyle resorts, cruises, communities, and Hotel takeovers for over ten years. 

We have been to Hedonism II and III, Desire Cancun and Los Cabos, Swinger Cruises, Caliente, The Rooftop, Sea Mountain Inn, Northhaven, and Splash Fest and we are looking to add to this list continually.  We have met so many wonderful people that it’s not a surprise when we go somewhere new that someone comes up to us to say “hey we met you (wherever)”.  This lifestyle circle makes the world a much smaller place.

With over 25 visits under our belts to Hedonism II, we know how to get around the resort.  We know how to get the party started and make sure everyone around is having a great time.  We are just as comfortable talking with new friends one to one as we are in front of everyone getting some crazy game going.  If you are bored – come see us – we’ll get something happening.  Since we started travelling we made it a goal to meet people – and with every trip we make new friends and have new experiences.  The friends we meet along the way we see as gold nuggets – and we try to collect as many gold nuggets as we can.  Just when we say we’ve seen it all – bam!  We look forward to meeting all of you on our next trip with Tom’s Trips.