January 2023 Schedules

Your January 2023 Schedules are linked below:

January 7-14 Schedule – CLICK HERE

January 14-21 Schedule – CLICK HERE

January 21-28 Schedule – CLICK HERE

Beaded Necklaces

We will be providing name necklaces for everyone in the group. If you have your necklace from a previous trip we will send down a bead for you to add to your necklace for this trip! If this is your first trip or you have misplaced your necklace please LET US KNOW the name you would like to have on the necklace. If your legal name is Susan and you want to go by Sue we want to know that.  Please provide that information to us by Decemeber 18th (call, email, facebook, twitter)


If you do not have transfers booked please do that ASAP. We will need your flight schedule in order to arrange them for you. Bus transfers are $50 per person round trip and private transfers are $250 per couple round trip.  You can email us your information and we can charge your card on file or you can CLICK HERE to make your transfer reservation.

Group Travel App

Unfortunately due to issues we are having with the App Store our Tom’s Trips app is not available for this trip. Us and our development partner are working hard to get this fixed but as you can imagine if a company like Apple wants to be difficult it can be tough to get them to change their mind. We are disappointed that they are not accepting of our sexual orientation. In the mean time we have created a Private FaceBook Group to provide a venue to meet and connect with other guests prior to arrival.  We recognize that this does not provide the freedom that we had in our private app and we will continue to explore options that allow us to express ourselves in a sex positive manner.

You can JOIN THE GROUP HERE. *Please answer the verification questions, it is how we keep the group private and helps maintain the privacy for everyone.