Kasidie and Toms Trips



Tom’s Trips is pleased to be able to offer our guest a full 6 months FREE membership on the premier adult lifestyle matchmaker site Kasidie.  This is not a trial and is fully functional as a paid account and you do not need to enter a credit card to join!.  For you to receive your six month FREE member please adhere to these following steps

  1. Please take a few minutes and complete the description portion of the profile, here you will want to describe who you in as much detail as possible but allow for people to ask questions.
  2. Please fill out the “Looking For” section. 
  3. Please fill out as much details in the Play preferences and ques, this is where most matches are made.
  4. Upload at least one profile photo.  you do not have to show your faces if you need to remain discreet.

Once you have completed the above, if Kasidie has not automatically upgraded your profile, please email us at TomandBunny@TomsTrips.com 

We would like to offer some hints and suggestions on setting up a good profile.

  1. Keep your profile positive, we often time see profiles that think they are being descriptive in what they are looking for but in reality it comes across very negative to the reader or potential playmates who may be looking at your profile.  Some of the things we see that can be re-worded to be more polite are:
    1. NO SINGLE MEN, IF WE WANT YOU WE WILL CONTACT YOU, IF YOU EMAIL US WE WILL BLOCK YOU (Yes in all caps!)  Seriously, is it really necessary to put this in where if a single male emails you just can be flattered and just delete the email or take 2 seconds to let them know you are not interested?  What if you are not into single men today but later are interested and some great prospects now have marked your profile and will not contact you?  You can just put something like – At this time we are not looking for single men. 
    2. No Fat People, Ok so you are physically fit, skinny, slim or HWP, you should be happy you have that body or shape, some people can not control weight due to medications or other issues in their personal life, not everyone is overweight because they are lazy.  You can more post that you are interested in people who are HWP or Physically Fit or Slim, but you do not need to point out the flaws in what you are not looking for.
    3. There are a lot of other negatives we don’t feel we need to go through them all, but just read your profile from a third party perspective and think if you were looking at that profile how would you relate to it.
  2. Upload photos, it is a matchmaker site and the first attraction is typically based on the photos not what is written.  you do not need to upload a ton of photos, just enough where the people can get an idea of what you look like. you can upload photos with clothes, without clothes, showing faces or not.
    1. Upload current photos, and periodically delete older photos and upload new photos.
    2. If you do not look like your photos, do not upload them, nobody likes bait and switch
    3. If you can’t upload face photos publically, create a private folder and upload a few there to share. the people you share them with hopefully you plan to meet anyway.
    4. Quality counts. don’t upload old grainy photos from 10 years ago, with today’s phones there is no excuse for not having great quality photos
  3. Become certified, people look at certified profiles with more trust than those that are not.  there are many ways to become certified.
  4. Validations – Give and receive validations.  this is street credit to the person looking at your profile that you actually meet people when you say you will.  
  5. Don’t be a flake – Please if you make a date to meet another profile, actually show up.  things come up, let the people know if you can not make it with plenty of advanced notice so they can make other plans.

Tom and Bunny created a video on profiles a while back and we invite you to take a few minutes to watch it, it has a lot of good information as well as a lot of humor included. Please check out their video and subscribe to their YouTube channel as they produce many videos on the swinging lifestyle for beginners and advanced couples.  you can also check out their website at http://www.tomandbunny.com 

Tom and Bunny aka TomandBunny produce Videos and podcast for the swingers lifestyle with swing club tours and travel