Personalized Beaded Necklace

Personalized Beaded Necklace for our Hedonism guest in Jamaica

When you book with Tom’s Trips for one of our 20 group trips that we host every year, we will make your personalized Tom’s Trips necklace with the name of your choice and include one Tom’s Trips logo bead to show you are booked with Tom’s Trips

Why do we include the beaded necklace?

  • Allows you and our other guest to know you are part of the Tom’s Trips group
  • Makes it easier to remember names when your having a good time

You can earn additional Tom’s Trips Exclusive beads when you travel with Tom’s Trips

  • You can earn Tom’s Trips logo beads for each time you book with Tom’s Trips
  • For those who have booked more than five trips, you can exchange five beads for a single bead with the number 5 on it
  • For those who have booked more than ten trips, you can exchange 10 beads for a single bead with the number 10 on it
  • Earn a beer mug bead for attending a Pub Crawl with Tom’s Trips (See Tom’s Trips desk for Pub Crawl date and time)
  • Earn a Dinner bead for attending an offsite dinner with Tom’s Trips (See Tom’s Trips desk for Dinner date and time)
  • Earn your boat bead for cruising on the Tom’s Trips catamaran cruise (See desk for cruise day)
  • Earn a Smiley face bead for taking a ride on our Motor Bunny in our Fantasy XXX Playroom (Ladies only)
  • Earn your recycling bead by showing your green side and being seen by a host couple
  • Earn a referral bead by referring your friends.  Please make sure your friends mention you when booking to insure you get credit.

Tom’s Trips was the first to introduce personalized beaded necklaces and always strive to enhance  your experience by adding additional merit beads you can earn on your fun and sexy vacations.

Our motto is, We show you a good time and it all starts with your custom personalized necklace compliments of Tom’s Trips.