Hedonism II FAQ


FAQs for Hedo II

What is included?

Air Conditioned Deluxe Rooms and Suites
CD Player in Every Room
All Meals and Snacks
Variety of Dining Options and Settings
24-Hour Super Snack Attack
Champagne Oasis
Wine with Lunch and Dinner
Unlimited Premium Brand Cocktails
Satellite TV in Every Room
Satellite TV Area
Scuba Diving
Freshwater Swimming Pools
Tropical White Sand Beach
Au Natural Beach
Sun Loungers
Beach Towels
Fitness Center & Aerobics
Body Art and Rock Climbing Wall
Indoor Game Room
Business Center with Internet Access
Daily Activities
Live Nightly Entertainment
Night Club
Piano Bar (Open Till You Say When)
FREE Weddings and Renewal of Vows
Spa Facilities
Sauna and Steam Room
Laundry Service
Minimum Age 18
Hotel Taxes
No Tipping Allowed
10% off all Spa Treatments
Nude Water Slide
Squash Court
Tennis with Lights for Night Play

What to Bring

The weather is usually very warm to hot, so do not bring too many clothes. Winter months can be cooler, especially at night, so a light jacket or cover-up will come in handy.  It can rain a little almost every day (usually in the afternoon during “naptime”) so you might want to take an umbrella (especially useful walking to dinner).  Shorts, T-shirts, skirts, blouses, and some sexy clothes for the evening will do fine.  Don’t forget the theme nights.  They tend to change often and are never the same as posted on their web site, but you can always count on Pajama/Lingerie Night and Toga Night.

Just remember to NOT bring too many clothes. Most people wear shorts and T-shirt to breakfast, then are naked all day and dress for dinner.  You really don’t need too many clothes.

It’s a great idea to bring a couple changes of clothes in a carry-on, just in case the airline “misplaces” your checked bags. Also, if you’re coming from a cold weather area, you’ll want to change into something cooler before getting on the bus.

U.S. currency is accepted in Jamaica.  We suggest you bring lots of small bills, ones and fives, and nothing larger than a twenty.  They usually cannot make change for larger bills and will give you change in Jamaican dollars.

Other things that may come in handy:

  • Insulated cups for drinks – the bar glasses are tiny and require constant refilling.
  • Large trash or zip-top bags – useful to throw your towels, etc. in when it rains.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen – especially for those un-tanned areas.
  • Water shoes for going in the ocean
  • A hat

Montego Bay Airport

The airport has been greatly improved in the past few years! Jamaica veterans can tell you horror stories about the old one.  Make sure you fill out your Immigration/Customs card on the plane.  (Take a pen with you!)  They change the forms from time to time, but be sure to completely fill it out and sign it wherever it requires, including the departure section at the bottom, or you will be delayed.  First you will go through Immigration, then to the baggage area to (hopefully) retrieve you bags.  Then through Customs, where they may or may not inspect your luggage.

As you exit the customs area, there will be many people trying to help you. Just tell them you’re looking for Sun Holidays and they will direct you to the Sun Holiday’s desk.  Go to the desk and show them a copy of your invoice.  They will give it back to you along with a voucher for your bus driver and a voucher for your return transfers.  Then they will put you on a bus for the resort.  The ride takes from 1 hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half, depending on traffic.  They will usually stop for a bathroom and beer break.

If you are with a Tom’s Tours group, someone from our staff will probably be at our table in the lobby to assist you with check-in.   If not, or if you arrive late, check in at the Hedo II desk.  Remember, although we will try to have your room ready when you arrive, the official check-in time is 3:00pm, so you we might ask you to have a drink or lunch on us while you wait.  Another good reason to have a change of clothes handy in a carry-on!

If you are flying to Negril, skip the Sun Holiday desk at the airport and ask for the representative for TimAir, Air Jamaica Express, or whatever air service you are using. They will take you to the shuttle terminal.


It is 110 volts, same as the U.S. and Canada.


The tap water at Hedo II and all over Jamaica is some of the purest in the world and is very safe to drink.


here is a digital safe in each room (2 in the single-share rooms) – use it! Enough said.

Hair Dryers/Iron/Ironing Board

Are included in each room.


Hedo II is NOT a nudist resort, however the nude beach, nude pool, and nude Jacuzzi ARE nude and nudity IS required. Clothed “lookie-loos” will be asked to disrobe or leave.  The grounds on the nude beach side have always been “clothing optional”.  Some sort of cover-up is required in the rest of the resort, especially the dining and lobby areas.

Public Sex

Public sex is officially against the rules at Hedo II. Will you see it?  Probably.  If something goes on too long, or is particularly offensive (???) security might stop them.  But spontaneous and rehearsed PDA’s (public displays of affection) can be seen here and there.


While everyone at Hedo II is not a swinger, or in the Lifestyle, there are a lot of them. Will they bother you?  No.  Will they ask you if you’d like to participate?  Maybe, but remember that THEIR #1 rule is, “No means no.”  So, a simple “No, thank you” is all that is needed…unless, of course, your answer is “yes”.


There are 5 all together. The Nude and Prude Beach Grills serve sandwiches, burgers, fries, fish, Curried Pork, Jamaican patties (a turnover) and that fabulous jerk chicken.  The main dining room, The Terrace Room, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style, usually with a pasta station and carving station for lunch and/or dinner, as well as a midnight buffet.  There are also two specialty restaurants on property.  Pastafari is the Italian restaurant with wonderful entrees and pasta dishes, and Harry San serves Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine.  Both of these require reservations, which you can make at the Tour Desk in the lobby.

Dress code

The main dining room is very casual and theme night attire is welcome there. The two specialty restaurants, Pastafari and Munasan, do have a casual-elegant dress code.  This means a collared shirt and shorts or slacks and shoes for men, and something sexy and casually elegant for the ladies.

Cell Phones

Most U.S. cell phones work in Jamaica, but be sure to check with your carrier to make sure foreign service is turned on.  Calls are not cheap, but they are cheaper than using your room phone.  Important:  If you have a phone that also checks for email periodically, turn off that feature or you will get a HUGE surprise with your next bill.


Hedo II is all-inclusive, meaning you are not expected to tip. You will see tipping going on, and if someone goes out of their way for you and you wish to show your appreciation, by all means go ahead.  In past years it seemed like the employees expected tips, but that is thankfully not the case any more.
Airport baggage handlers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, tour bus drivers, etc. are not Hedonism II employees and are NOT part of the all-inclusive package, so please remember to tip appropriately.


The Tour Desk in the lobby has a scheduled shopping trip into Negril every day for a small fee. If you are going with one of our groups, we usually arrange an escorted group shopping trip during the week.  Again, bring small bills!


The tour desk offers many tours, including river rafting, water fall climbing, catamaran cruises (take the clothing optional one – private if we have a large enough group), etc. You can also hire a taxi for a private tour.  The Tour Desk can assist you with that, too.