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Bi Week Theme Nights

February 24th, 2024 by Tom Sheehan

Bi Week October 5 – 12, 2024 Theme parties

Oct 4th  Friday – Cocktail Pre Cum Party for those that come in early

We always have guest that arrive early for events and this event is no exception.  With the Bi Week starting on Saturday October 5th, we expect a lot of guest arriving on Friday to kick start the festivities for the upcoming week.  We will post the time and location in our Tom’s Trips exclusive app for your agenda.

Oct 5th Saturday – Toga Party

Attire Suggestion: Guests are encouraged to wear traditional Roman-style togas, crafted from white or light-colored fabric. Accessories like laurel wreaths, sandals, and gold or bronze jewelry can enhance the ensemble.

Oct 6th Sunday – Naughty School Girl vs Nerds Party, 

Attire Suggestion: A playful take on classic school uniforms, with plaid skirts, button-up shirts, and ties. Knee-high socks and smart shoes complete the look Vs SchoolBoy Nerds

Oct 7th  Monday – Sizzling Jamaica

Burning BI Desires 

Attire Suggestion: Vibrant, Caribbean-inspired outfits featuring reggae colors—green, gold, and red. Think beachwear with a tropical twist, such as floral shirts, sundresses, and headbands.

Come dressed in your best Jamaican outfit and let your Burning BI Desires run wild at Sizzling Jamaica!

Oct 8th Tuesday – Glow Rainbow Rave

Tutu Tastic Glow Night

Get ready to light up the night with the Tutu Tastic Glow Night! This theme party is all about dressing up in your brightest and most colorful outfit, especially if it includes a pink, purple, or blue tutu. Guests can expect to dance the night away to thumping music under neon lights, as the atmosphere glows with an array of colors. The Glow Rainbow Rave is a perfect opportunity to show off your unique outfits and dance moves, and make some unforgettable memories with friends old and new. So, grab your tutu and let’s get ready to party!

Oct 9th Wednesday – Fetish Night

Strap on your sexiest leather, lingerie & fetish wear and indulge your fantasies in an energetic underworld of pleasure and excitement. Dress code is leather, latex, lace, lingerie, fishnets, corsets, garter belts, bondage gear, body-harness, collars, cat suits and stilettos.

Oct 10th – ABC – Anything but Clothes

Attire Suggestion: Creativity is key—guests can fashion outfits from unconventional materials like duct tape, garbage bags, or playing cards. The aim is to be inventive, not just revealing.

Oct 11th – 80’s Night

Attire Suggestion: Retro gear from the 1980s such as leg warmers, acid-wash jeans, and neon windbreakers. Teased hair, sweatbands, and oversized earrings will throw guests back in time.

Bi Week Themes announced for Oct 7 – 14, 2023

April 6th, 2023 by Tom Sheehan

Join Tom’s Trips & for Bi-Week for Bi-Sexual and bi-Curious couples. both bi men and bi women can be a part of this first of its kind, amazing event at Hedonism II. Ricky and Raquel, want to show you a good time and will provide exclusive bi-only adventures throughout the week. This event is designed to provide a safe place for bi-sexual couples or bi-curious men & women to explore their sexuality. Bi-Week welcomes any bi person of any gender who embodies their sexual power and allows themselves the freedom to fully enjoy their sexual desires.

Themes for Bi-Week announced!

  • 10/7 – Wild Western “Ride Em Cowboys and Cowgirls” – Dress primarily Wild West
  • 10/8 – Bisexual Fantasy Island: A White-Out Party in Jamaica White OUT – Dress primarily all white
  • 10/9 – Kink in Paradise: A Bisexual Fetish Party in Jamaica’s Dreamland Dress suggestions to add pink, purple or blue colors
  • 10/10 – Burning BI Desires: A Sizzling Bisexual Party in Jamaica’s Tropics Dress primarily Jamaican colors and if like add pink, purple or blue colors
  • 10/11 – Glow Rainbow Rave: A Tutu-Tastic Glow Night Party for Bisexuals in Jamaica Dress suggestions to add pink, purple or blue colors
  • 10/12 – Glitter and Groove: A Disco Drag Show in Jamaica’s Sensational Destination Dress suggestions to add pink, purple or blue colors
  • 10/13 – Bi Pride Masquerade PROM: A Prom night with masquerade masks and elegant decorations Dress suggestions to add pink, purple or blue colors