Temptation announces 2023 Caribbean Cruise

June 7th, 2022 by Tom Sheehan


FEBRUARY 11 – 16, 2023


Get ready to make waves while we play the Naughty by Nature way! We’re ready to rock an all-new route with the perfect mix of high-octane adventure. We can’t wait to see you at sea for an even sexier cruise number three!

This wild 5-night/6-day Western Caribbean voyage on board the Celebrity Summit shipsets sail from the paradisiacal port of Miami, Florida, docking along the way in gorgeous George TownCayman Islands, and super-cool Key West, Florida. Additionally, this voyage has two programmed days at sea full of non-stop fun sure to please!

Dare to try the funtastic floating version of a Temptation vacation! Get in on the party action as you experience our signature topless-optional areas, our exclusive new clothing-optional area sponsored by Temptation Grand, a tempting couples-only R-Rated Red Room to spice things up, Naughty-by-Nature pool parties, hot workshops, internationally acclaimed DJs, and our outrageous theme nights. With all this and more, we’re taking your experience to spicy new heights. 

To up the fun factor, the Classic Beverage Package, four dining venues, and room service are included. On board the Temptation Caribbean Cruise, everything you could ever need is a guarantee.

Get ready to play in an even sexier way as we party all night and throughout the day. Join us on board!


HEDO WEEDO Jamaica’s First Resort-based Medicinal Dispensary, Opens In Negril

November 17th, 2020 by Tom Sheehan

Hedonism, Toms Trips, Weed, Marijuana, Jamaica

HedoWeedo, Jamaica’s First Resort-based Medicinal Dispensary, Opens In Negril

High-end cannabis makes its way to Jamaica’s west coast

NEGRIL, JAMAICA – Hedonism II, a pioneer in Jamaica’s hospitality industry, is thrilled to welcome Hedo Weedo, the island’s first resort-based medicinal dispensary. Independently owned and operated, Hedo Weedo, is located within Hedonism II, but not part of the all-inclusive experience.

Hedo Weedo clients, which may include but is not limited to Hedonism II resort guests, will enjoy a unique, world-class dispensary experience that far exceeds the expectations of novice and experienced medicinal cannabis users alike. Its mission is to promote the wellbeing of its customers by providing expert, personalized service, while offering a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy top quality Jamaican cannabis.

Affiliated with the longest running dispensary on Denver’s famous Green Mile,

Hedo Weedo specializes in high-end craft cannabis with products ranging from joints to flowers to oils, all locally cultivated by licensed farmers. Operating under and in compliance with Jamaica’s cannabis laws, a medical card is required to buy. Guests may obtain a card through the on-site doctor, a registered physician in Jamaica, or bring one from their home country. Persons may only possess up to 2 oz. at a time and purchases will be tracked by a POS system, down to the 0.01 of a gram.

The dispensary is open daily from 11am-11pm and is cash only. While smoking is permitted in designed areas throughout the resort, all rooms and suites will remain non-smoking. A HedoWeedo Therapeutic Spa is also in the works and will debut in the coming months offering cannabis based massage treatments.

For more information visit, where online ordering will be available soon as well.

About Hedo Weedo

Hedo Weedo is a premier medical cannabis dispensary and therapeutic spa located within the world-famous Hedonism II Resort in Negril, Jamaica. HedoWeedo supplies high-quality, 100% Jamaican grown cannabis products including flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, tinctures and topicals such as salves and lotions. Hedo Weedo management places great emphasis on budtender training to ensure that each patient is provided with individual recommendations tailored to their specific needs. A consumption lounge is also on-site for those wishing to medicate in a safe, comfortable environment while on the property. Hedo Weedo is open seven days a week to both the public, and guests staying at the resort.

The MotorBunny Original

November 22nd, 2019 by Tom Sheehan

Our Secret Weapon for Breaking the Ice and Giving Mind-blowing Orgasms
Hi! We are Tom and Bunny. We have run one of the nation’s oldest and largest lifestyle clubs and now work for Tom’s Trips, Adult Lifestyle Travel. We produce videos, podcasts, and blogs about our opinions and what works for us as a couple in the swingers lifestyle.

Working for Tom’s Trips takes us all over the country to clubs promoting adult travel to Hedonism in Jamaica, Desire in Cancun, as well as other lifestyle-friendly destinations. We thought it was going to be an easy job just talk to people!We quickly found that,like anyone who senses a sell-job, they avoid eye contact and walk the other way! We knew we needed something to draw their attention to our table. Then we could talk and answer questions about clothing-optional, nude and lifestyle travel that most people do not even know exist.

That’s when we were introduced to Motorbunny, an extremely powerful straddle-style vibrator! It vibrates with amazing intensity and comes with penetration attachments that rotate at a variety of speeds. We hoped it would attract attention, and it did! We could set in on a table with a large dildo rotating. If that wasn’t enough, we could zap the vibration to create a “buzz”, to really get people and their curiosity to come over to ask what the heck it was. We would explain the Motorbunny to them and show them the controls as well as all the attachments that can be included to enhance the fun in the bedroom. Of course,our conversation would lead to our travel and how people could enter into a whole new world that never seemed possible. But without a conversation starter, we wouldn’t even have the chance. Then we would invite people to join us in the playroom to have a hands-on demonstration of this incredible machine.

Obviously, being the first one on such an intimidating vibrator on steroids, we found that once we got one female to jump on it, curious watchers followed. We did not have to work to get people to try it out. We now had a line that would go for hours and when we say hours, we really mean HOURS!

Personal Use
Bunny absolutely LOVES the Motorbunny Original and she is looking forward to getting the newest Motorbunny Buck very soon (which thrusts instead of rotating). She uses all the attachments equally, but her favorite is the Double Penetration attachment. She will start off with the smaller attachments to work herself up as it’s a slow marathon to achieve a powerful full body orgasm, not a race. After she starts with the non-penetrating flat attachment and reaches her clit orgasm, she will work her way to the Lolli attachment, again working herself up and usually at this time she will soak the machine. Once this starts happening, she will insert the large dildo attachment and thrust on the Motorbunny up and down like she is riding a partner. Typically, this is where she will squirt, and to maximize her experience of multiple orgasms she will then install the double penetration attachment to make her turn into Jell-O.

Most of the time, we will bring our Motorbunny along when we are meeting a couple for some fun time. However, we also are careful, and we will play together first, and finish with the Motorbunny! By finishing with the Motorbunny, any possible remaining orgasms will be completely fulfilled, and everyone will end the night with satisfaction and euphoria. Our friends love it when we are coming over because they know they will be coming later that night if you know what we mean!

Motorbunny at Clubs
We have taken the Motorbunny to Trapeze Atlanta where we hosted a Motorbunny party in the playroom. After two and a half hours we thought the night was over. As we were putting everything away,we had a couple ask us to setup the Motorbunny for them as a late favor. We did, and within minutes we had another line that was over an hour long! I think we ended up having to actually stop taking names or we would have been there through the next day!

We duplicated the same results at EC Oasis in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana where we promoted the Motorbunny as a “catch-all” for the curious. Later that evening, we found a private room for guests to play with the Motorbunny. We would let a female rider select her attachment of choice and we would show her husband or boyfriend how to control the unit, but some ladies did not want to trust their significant other with the controls! Not to worry, Tom was happy to stand in and assist in the orgasms. We had a constant line for three hours. Some of the women wanted to give the Motorbunny a full work out to see if they could break it, but sorry, no luck! The Motorbunny withstood the harshest of thrusting, rolling, bouncing, and anything thrown at it! We did have to cool down once!

Motorbunny at Conventions
Naughty in N’awlins was an experience! We of course brought our Motorbunny for our booth and again to let people play on it. Then a couple brought a Sybian, which is the Motorbunny direct competitor. Knowing this, we agreed to do a Podcast and host a Motorbunny versus Sybian rodeo and we would invite two girls to try both machines. Each girl would control the unit of the opposing girl. The idea was good, and we were ready to go, but we were not prepared when 20 couples came through the door to see the rodeo live! We capitalized on this and we asked all 20 ladies to jump on each machine and give them a whirl. We had the same exact attachments on both machines so basically the only difference would be the vibration and rotation action of each machine. The Sybian went to 10 and the Motorbunny went to 11 and we waited for each girl that tried each machine in random order of selection. At the end of the rodeo, we asked each of the ladies, if they were to own only one, which unit would they want. All 20 said the Motorbunny!So we asked,“Why?” The basic answer was that the Motorbunny was more powerful, but also more consistent on the vibration. After researching the specs on both units, they didn’t need to read them to know the results. The Motorbunny is actually much more powerful, and with the quality we can see where the consistency comes into play, almost like a harmonic balance or a frequency that is working in favor of the participant.

Tom’s Trips host the Motorbunny at Hedonism
Our company, Tom’s Trips, hosts 20 group events a year at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica. We bring a Motorbunny for our “Afternoon Delight” parties where we break out the Motorbunny and create an exclusive private party for our guests to come out and play and have fun as well as try out this awesome vibrator! After playing on the Motorbunny, many times we hear our guest telling others they will be buying one for their home! Like the clubs, we have the lady pick out her attachment of choice and we show the gentleman how to use the controller. It’s not rocket science at all to use. We explain to bring the Motorbunny up slowly versus just going into Turbo mode!

Here are some interesting fun “facts!”

  • Average orgasm was typically within 5 minutes or less.
  • Most who tried the Motorbunny said they wanted one of their own.
  • Most could not handle the vibration turned all the way up.
  • Most liked an attachment that penetrated.
  • Some were a little shy and only used the flat attachment for clit stimulation.
  • Including participation by others while on the Motorbunny enhanced the experience for female riders.
  • The water-resistant design makes cleanup very easy.
  • You can purchase a case, or it fits in a carry-on luggage perfectly.

Men and the Motorbunny!
They do have a few attachments for the men to use for themselves, so that ladies can’t be greedy and have the equipment all to themselves. The photo above is the Jiggle Butt attachment. We did not get this so we can’t give you any details or a personal experience. Also pictured above in the attachments on the lower left which is the “Keister Bunny,” a prostate attachment that also vibrates the balls. We also have not tried the Keister Bunny “yet”, but we may very well do it and update this blog!

Leave a comment below and tell us your thought on this subject, have you ever been with someone who was fresh out of the shower or have you been with someone that had the smell of funk all in their crotch area?  we want to know!  Post below.


We recommend Spunk Lube with the MotorBunny