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Hedonism II Employee Relief Fund

April 21st, 2020 by TTP_Admin

Hedonism Covid Relief FundWe know that everyone is hurting during this unprecedented disaster.  We also know that as tough as we have it we have friends who don’t have the resources we do to make it through.  It is with that in mind that we have been in touch with the management of Hedonism II to develop a partnership to deliver food vouchers to those in need.  On a monthly basis Tom’s Trips will make a donation to Hedonism II that will be used to purchase food vouchers that can be distributed to the the families of Hedonism II employees.  

  • Tom’s Trips is contributing all of the revenue from any of the virtual events we are a part of including those listed below.  So if you book through our link any commission we earn will be donated 100% to this fund
  • Tom’s Trips is also donating $25 for each new reservation booked through August 31, 2020 to this fund (upon your request)
  • Tom’s Trips will also donate up to a $500 total in matching funds for donations made to this fund by the public

Tom’s Trips is not a charitable organization and as such we cannot accept credit card payments for charitable donations.  If you would like to make a donation please contact us and we will share with you options to do so.

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COVID-19 – HEDONISM II – Jamaica Quarantine

March 17th, 2020 by TTP_Admin

Hedonism Resort Negril Jamaica

Tom’s Trips is always working hard to bring you the latest information on the impact of Covid-19 on Hedonism II as well as any travel advisory updates.  We invite you to follow us on Twitter and our Facebook page as we post information to those two sources as quickly as we get the information in and we verify the information.

Here is information on the latest News from Jamaica – Jamaican Gleaner and Jamaica Observer.

The Government of Jamaica has issued a proclamation that states, effective March 18 and until further notice, all visitors from countries that have experienced COVID-19 cases (including the United States and Canada) will be required to be placed in quarantine for 14 days immediately upon arrival.  Furthermore effective 3/21/20 the air and sea ports are closed to arriving passengers for at least 14 days.  In the case of Hedonism II as it is with all other resorts on the island, the quarantine is defined as being restricted to the hotel property, some resorts are asking guests to quarantine to their rooms. 

For all those who have bookings for arrival through August 31, 2020, you will receive complimentary Cancel For Any Reason waivers.  The policy has been amended in consideration of the Coronavirus: “You will be allowed to cancel or change your hotel arrangements for any reason up to the day of arrival on the island. This Cancellation Waiver does NOT cover flights, lost baggage, trip interruption or any optional activities such as sightseeing, spa/salon services, wedding license processing fees and extras. The Cancellation Waiver only covers the cost of your hotel stay. This Cancellation Waiver Benefit is provided by Hedonism II and is not an insurance benefit. IMPORTANT: THE CANCELLATION WAIVER DOES NOT OFFER A CASH REFUND BUT ALLOWS YOU TO CHANGE DATES WITHOUT PENALTY.  THE VALUE OF YOUR HOTEL PORTION WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A FUTURE DATE UP TO DECEMBER 20, 2021.   IT IS UP TO EACH INDIVIDUAL TO CONTACT YOUR AIRLINE TO DETERMINE THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION.

As a show of good faith and without prejudice, Hedonism II will also offer a $200 Resort Credit to those who rebook for a future stay.  TO CHANGE OR MODIFY YOUR RESERVATION PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL AGENT. 

Tom’s Trips Update (3/17/20) – If you booked cancellation protection through Tom’s Trips prior to this announcement from Hedonism II that they are providing the insurance for free, you will receive a credit for that on a future invoice.

Tom’s Trips Update (3/18/20) – In order to better clarify, we do not know if the quaranteen efforts or travel restrictions will extend until August 31, but the resort is offering the cancellation protection through that date.  This means that at any point up to 48 hours ahead of arrival you can notify Tom’s Trips of your intent to cancel and receive the credit.

Tom’s Trips Update (3/20/20) – Based on the State Department Travel Advisory, the temporary closure of airports for arriving passengers and the safety of our guests and staff we have decided to postpone our 2020 April groups (Fantasy Week, L.U.S.H., Friction, Spicy Cajuns and Zoo Krew).  Guests may modify their travel dates and join our Fall events.  Guests will receive a credit for the entire value of their payment to be applied to the Fall Trip or any other trip up until December 20, 2021 (subject to availability).

Fall Schedule

Sunny Buns – October 3-10 (Friction and Spicy Cajuns)

OktoberFEST – October 10-17 (Fantasy)

L.U.S.H.  – October 17-24 (L.U.S.H.)

Please contact any of our staff 2 days prior to your scheduled arrival date or you may lose your credit.

COVID-19 Update – Hedonism II

March 14th, 2020 by TTP_Admin

COVID-19 Update

Hello – Our team at Tom’s Trips continues to monitor the situation around COVID-19 for all of our guests planning on trips to Hedonism II and elsewhere.  Specifically, relative to Hedonism II the resort remains open and has no reported cased of COVID-19.  The resort will remain open pending any further restrictions to international travel into or out of Jamaica.  At this point flights to and from the United States and Canada remain open. 

We understand the concerns that you may have regarding international travel, social distancing in a lifestyle environment, and the potential for quarantines.  All decisions during this period of uncertainty are deeply personal as we all have different, family, health and employment considerations. 

In recognition of this unique circumstance Hedonism II has very generously extended the period during which guests can book cancellation protection on their reservations.  This $25 per person protection will allow you to cancel your trip up to 48 hours ahead of a trip and get credit for up to one year.  If you do not have this protection on your trip we encourage you to reach out to your agent to have it added immediately.

We have not made any decisions to cancel any of our upcoming events in April/May at this point.  We all hope that the collective precautions we have taken as a society will limit the spread and allow us to return to normal soon.  At this point there is no real value in cancelling your trip until the week ahead of time.  Of course, if you choose to do so our staff will be here to help you modify your resort arrangements.

We will continue to monitor the resort and travel conditions in the U.S., Canada and Jamaica and provide updates as appropriate.  We recommend that you continue to monitor the CDC for guidance on how to best prevent the spread of COVID-19 and on recommended travel restrictions for those more susceptible to severe effects of this pandemic (notably those over 60 years of age and those with existing conditions).

ASN April 2019 Issue is available now

March 31st, 2019 by Tom Sheehan

Check out this months April 2019 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine and be sure to check out the following pages, Click image to view!

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  • 135 – Tom’s Trips half page ad
  • 137 – Tom’s Trips Spicy Cajun full page ad
  • 142 & 143 – Dear Tom and Bunny
  • 161 – Tom’s Trips, Going Green – Providing a Sustainable Lifestyle Experience
  • 180 – Tom’s Trips Party in the USA Ad for September 22 – 29 2019
  • 181 – Tom and Bunny’s Videos and Podcast – We are Politically INCORRECT! 

Bunnys Sex Toy Collection

March 29th, 2019 by Tom Sheehan

Tom and Bunny work for Tom’s Trips as travel consultants and our Social Media, they also do videos about the swingers lifestyle and Tom’s Trips is proud to sponsor their videos

We were recently asked by Podcast celebrities Swinging Downunder for a pic of our Sex Toy Collection, well being we took the time to take them all out, we thought we would do a Video Vlog for our YouTube Channel. Please Like our videos!

You can see our videos at

Bunny shows off her Sex Toy Collection


Be sure to check out Tom’s Trips ads in ASN as well as Tom and Bunny’s Dear TomandBunnyASN Lifestyle Magazine

Toms Trips has Gone Green

March 23rd, 2019 by Tom Sheehan

With all the craze of everyone protecting the environment including many of the resorts, Tom’s Trips has officially taken the steps to “Go Green” starting January 2019

We are giving our members items to use and re-use around the resort that helps cut the constant usage such as plastic straws, and we are moving to a paperless company with emailed invoices and receipts, giving away items that help the environment such as bamboo tooth brushes, re-usable water bottle as well as our very own Toms Trips exclusive Travel App for our members to know what is going on during their stay with us at Hedonism Resort or any other resort around the world, meet people, exchange phone numbers, email , share photos and chat in community settings all without using paper to write things down.  We have also switched our printing out daily schedules to put at our desk to our dry erase board where we change the events for each day.

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ASN Lifestyle Magazine partners with Tom’s Trips and TomandBunny

December 6th, 2018 by Tom Sheehan

We at Tom’s Trips, are proud to announce that we will be the official travel company of the online magazine ASN Lifestyle Magazine! Currently, our Promotions and Travel Consultants, Tom and Bunny, are contributing editors of the Magazine with their “Dear Tom and Bunny” column. ASN has included all their lifestyle related YouTube videos to reach a broader range of couples and singles in the Swingers Lifestyle.  Tom’s Trips will also host a Travel page with Mark Maze contributing his tips calling his blog “Just the Tip by Mark Maze” so be on the lookout for that!

We would like you to check out this very well laid out and thought out magazine by going to the ASN website for the December issue and see for yourself what a great editorial this is for the lifestyle.



CouplesXcape TuTu Run

November 26th, 2018 by Tom Sheehan

Mark Maze performs at Friction NYE

October 13th, 2018 by Tom Sheehan

Mark Maze will be representing Tom’s Trips at this years New Years Eve party for Friction in Philly!

We know the guest at Friction will be truly amazed at the talents offered by this 3 time Entertainer of the Year!

If you would like to be entertained by Mark Maze, join Tom’s Trips at Hedo during our group trips!

Check out our website or call us at 800-285-0853

Tom’s Trips Supports Tom and Bunny

October 4th, 2018 by Tom Sheehan

We would like to thank Tom’s Trips for all their support in allowing us to make our videos about the Lifestyle as well as Clubs and Resorts around the world.

Please Support us by supporting Tom’s Trips and book your Adult Lifestyle Travel today


Tom and Bunny – TomandBunny